Almost every epic story starts at a bar, with a bunch of naive young people with similar high ideals and ambitions wanting to change the world. 
This one is no exception.
It was the Summer of 2012 and we wanted to steer away Torontonians from those preconceived ideas about Mexican food. It feels like it was ages ago, and in a sense it was; Mexican restaurants were scarce in the city, and not many people were that interested in having real Mexican food.
We wanted people to enjoy good tacos, in a decent steaming hot tortilla, and to experience some of those gastronomic Mexican eccentricities we are crazy for, like a grilled fresh cactus paddle, just to name an example.
We came up with menus with our own cravings, and found amazing people along the way that supported our pop-ups.​

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But the real break trough was when we got invited to be vendors at the first Panamerican Food Festival in 2013. After that, we received more invitations to participate in food festivals, and eventually started to build a client base, mostly from word of mouth referrals.


Over those few years we learned and grew as entrepreneurs. We experienced challenging situations (try a wedding at Toronto Island during Hurricane Joaquin) that turned into great shared stories with our clients. We have laughed together, and developed very close relationships. Our team has catered at corporate functions like employee recognition parties at roof tops, and a company Christmas celebration at a place where people throw axes for fun, among many others.


We are starting to write a new chapter now, with our incredible partner Reposado Tequila Bar, and our brand-new location at St. Clair Avenue West; we are so looking forward to share more precious moments and be part of your many celebrations in the years to come.


Stay put, there’s a lot of Mexican fun coming your way.

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